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In this section you will find all my works on RPGs. You can also peruse my rpg geek resume


Under The Moons of Zoon

A personal project: I created a rules-light Role Playing game based on Sword and Planet novels in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Read more

Dangers and Dweomers

An OGL game, my own house ruled version of the fantasy classic we all love. Read More


La trduzione italiana del gioco francese Imperium di Olivier Legrand. Leggi altro

Old School Hack, Italian version

An italian translation of the wonderful OSH rpg by Kirin Robinson. Read More

Deadly Dungeons

A browser game inspired by the arcade game Gauntlet, compatible with Opera, Safari, Chrome, FF and IE(7+). Try it


A Space Fantasy sourcebook for Chris Gonnermann’s BFRPG. Read More