Hiring me

So, you are thinking you might be interested in hiring me but want to know if you can afford me?
Here’s the answer to your questions.

The basics

Prices may vary if the art requested is particularly complex or simple, so take these as guidelines.

When I say “page” I mean an A4 or US-letter sized page.


I usually work in B&W with micron or pilot pens, pantone tria markers, and ball point pens. I usually work on 80 grams paper.

Color is typically water-color on water-color paper or digital.


All the prices listed below assume I retain rights to the art, and its ownership.

You ‘ll be granted a licence that allows you to reuse the art you commissioned as much as you want for a variety of projects:

"XYZ by Luigi Castellani is released under Royalty Free Licence.

In all commercial uses of this art, the artist "Luigi Castellani" must be credited, as illustrator.

The author grants the Licensee a perpetual, worldwide, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-exclusive license to use the art an unlimited number of times for use by one Licensee or Client, for the Permitted Uses described below.

This licence allows you to use the art in:

- Print media, including text books, newspapers, magazines, journals, reports, directories.
- Digital media, including digital documents, presentations, proposals, reports.
- Advertising and promotional materials, including brochures, ads, product packaging, book covers, and other printed collateral materials.
- Broadcast, movie, theatrical and video productions.
- Websites, as long as the art is not the primary content of the web page, or used primarily for attracting internet traffic or advertising.
- Products for resale, as long as the art is not a primary element of the product.

The Royalty-Free License permits only a single user or single agency client to use the art.

If you are licensing the art for a company or organization, you may not use it for personal use or for a second company or organization. If you are a designer or agency, you may only use the art for a single client.

The Royalty-Free license does not allow use of the art in:

- Resale products where the art is the primary element such as art books, calendars, engraving templates, prints, posters, bulletin boards, mugs, whiteboards, puzzles, t-shirts, wallpaper or any other product where the art is prominent and other elements are incidental.

- Electronic products and services, such as software applications, hand-held devices, news services, phone networks. "

Once the project you hired me for becomes available to the public, I’ll put the art I made up for sale on DTRPG.

If you want to buy exclusive rights of any kind, the price increases from 40% upwards, according to the rights you want to buy.

Buying ownership of the physical art object increases the price too, by another 40%.

Contact me for more details.


Black and white or greyscale art starts at 20$ for small pieces less than 1/8 of a page.
goes up to 40$ per quarter page (A4 or US letter), half pagers come at 80$ and full pagers come at 160$.

Color art comes at 45$ (1/8th of an A4 page), 90$ (1/4 page), 180$ (half-page) and 360$ (full page).

The price of larger pieces can be extrapolated from that.

Logos are different:  BW or grayscale logos come at 120$, and  color ones cost 240$. You get one font substitition for free in addition to the usual free rounds of sketch corrections.

I revise the rates yearly, these are the rates valid up to September 2022.

I accept payments via paypal.

The workflow

Once I receive a commission I expect you to send me all the refrence material you can think of, I’ll do my own research on the subject too, but any suggestion about what’s in your mind is usefull to me.

I usually can do two to four sketches and/or finals per day according to size and time availability (I may have another commission going).

You’ll be sent sketches on which you get one corrections & comments pass.

More corrections and comments passes will increase the cost of the art, each additional pass will affect the price in the 5% to 10% range.

Once all the sketches are done and approved, I expect to receive a 50% payment. Once the payment is in, I proceed with the final artwork. Delivery occurs usually via mail and the files will be in either tiff or png at 300dpi or more.

Finished art gets one “tweak” for free if you’d like something changed. Further tweaks will raise the final price by 5%-10% each.

I expect my wage to be settled once the art files are delivered via mail.

Payment and delivery of physical objects will be arranged on a per case basis.

Contacting me

I can be found using my nickname (artikid) at that mail service with the big G dawt com. Got it?

What if I’m too expensive?

Go to DTRPG and licence some of my art from there, it’s substantially cheaper. There’s also some art of mine (and others’ as well) made available for free by the excellent Sine Nomine Publishing over there.

Otherwise, You may find it cheaper to support me on Patreon.