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This is the personal homepage of Luigi Castellani

About me me I'm an Italian full-time web-developer, part-time illustrator and games geek!

I use Ubuntu Linux, Opera and all kinds of free softwares like LibreOffice, Inkscape, Bluefish, Scribus and Gimp. Try them!

This small website is mostly devoted to free RPGs I developed or helped develop over the years and my rarely used Illustration skills.

This is the third iteration of this website (developed using notepad/gedit), and as always I personally developed each single part.

So stay tuned, Luigi


Posted by: Metroknight, Mon 12 October 2009 07:11:06:I saw your post about Skulls, crossbones, and spellvessels on the Dragonfoot forums. Looks very interesting and I'm will looking forward to seeing more of it. Years ago (circa 1988-1990), I ran a campaign that was called into the void. It was very similar to what you are making.
Posted by: artikid, Mon 12 October 2009 10:51:06:Hello Metroknight, more is comming.
Posted by: neb, Mon 8 February 2010 05:20:20:Hey I saw your tempora mutantur character sheet and was wondering how you made that. I really like it, did you use Inkscape? If so how did you get those wavy lines? Again, excellent job thanks a bunch for your efforts and generosity.
Posted by: artikid, Mon 8 February 2010 12:15:36:Hello neb and thanks for the kind words, I used Adobe Flash.

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