I grew up on Marvel comic-books and D&D artists (Otus and Trampier are my favorite), and I guess it shows in my style.

At the same time I have a great love for european comic-book artists of the 70s like Toppi, Giardino, Pratt, Moebius, Druillet and Pazienza.

You can see my stuff in lots of places, the first that come to my mind are:

In Silent Legions, Scarlet Heroes and Spears of the Dawn by Sine Nomine publishing.

In the Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay, Tropes: Zombie Edition and many other fine games by Small Niche Games.

In Adventures Dark and Deep, an OSR retro-clone; and Castle of the Mad Archmage by BRW Games.

In the Science-Fiction adventures and supplements produced by Stellagama publishing.

In the Basic fantasy role-playing game, an OSR retro-clone by Chris Gonnermann and company.

In the Excellent Travelling Volume and other gaming products by James Maliszewski.

On my Deviantart page.

I aslo did some freelance work for Pelgrane Press, Chris Brandon (in Heroes and Other Worlds and Rogue Space) , d101 games and other rpg publisher.