FU: Freeform Universal RPG in italiano

Ho finalmente pubblicato la traduzione italiana di Freeform Universal (noto anche come FU), il celebre gioco di ruolo semplice ed universale di Nathan Russell . FU è distribuito con licenza Creative Commons ed è disponibile in formato pdf con la formula PWYW.

A dimostrazione di quanto sia flessibile, FU è il sistema impiegato anche in Earthdawn: The Age of Legend della tedesca Vagrant Workshop.

Per acquistare il gioco basta seguire il link qua sotto.


March release for Patreon, Secrets of the Wyrwoode review

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In addition, OSR cool-guy Gabor Lux (aka Melan) has written a very nice review of my Osric module Secrets of the Wyrwoode.
You can read it here:http://beyondfomalhaut.blogspot.it/2017/03/review-secrets-of-wyrwoode.html
Secrets of the Wyrwoode is available in pdf at DTRPG, Tabletoplibrary and Lulu.
Lulu also carries the saddle-stitched POD version.

Secrets of the Wyrwoode softcover

No third-party reviews yet, however, Secrets of the Wyrwoode is now available via lulu in softcover, saddle-stitched version.
If you’d rather have a glued spine, wait for the DTRPG version.

Ancora nessuna recensione, tuttavia, Secrets of the Wyrwoode è disponibile in versione softcover, spillato, tramite lulu.
Se preferite una versione con dorso incollato, vi conviene aspettare la versione su DTRPG.



New OSRIC module: Secrets of the Wyrwoode

Hi all,
My new (and first ever) OSRIC module is out for sale in pdf!
POD versions will follow soon.


The standing stones at the heart of the
ancient forest known as the Wyrwoode
once was the headquarter of a savage druid cult.

But those barbaric days lie in the past.

Or do they?

Children are being kidnapped on new moon nights
as fairy raiders from the old forest rampage throughout the Downs.

Are you going to be the hero that brings peace to the duchy?

Or are you going to use for evil the secrets discovered
in the fairy realm on the Other Side?

The forest known as the Wyrwoode is a pretty normal wood, but once it -and its ring of standing stones- was sacred ground to an ancient and quite savage druid cult that
was disbanded by the local duke a couple of centuries ago.

This OSRIC (TM) compatible module, is a location-based adventure for character levels 5-7.
The players will have to fight, explore, and interact with lots of interesting NPCs both in the mortal realm and the fairy kingdom known as the Other Side.

You can get it here: